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Welcome to our website. We provide an online system to help small businesses streamline their administrative systems. For a sole trader, having access to their business systems at time and any place can be invaluable. Even for a larger company with mobile employees, it can make all the difference having upto the minute information.

  • Do you run a micro/small business?
  • Are you spending more time on administration than the thing you went into business for?
  • Do you have delays sending out invoices because you are out of the office?
  • Have you forgotten when that invoice you sent to Wonder Widgets Ltd is due?
  • Do you want mobile workers to have real-time access to customer information?

Adjutus is the option you are looking for to help streamline your business administration.

Technology is changing rapidly and it is opening up a world of new possibilities for the small business. Changes in software are allowing the small business to become more efficient by providing the option to work on the move. Without dedicated administration staff manning an office, having access to a system at any time from a mobile device is invaluable. Sharing real-time information between workers keeps everyone up to date.

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Technology and the Small Business

Technology is giving the small business the opportunity to streamline their office systems, evening the playing field between the small and larger companies. Are you making the most of the opportunity?

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